Our History

Tavoloconsolle.com is a brand owned by Ram Industrie srl, a company that produces and distributes guides and frames for extendable tables, telescopic ball and wheel guides.

We are the specialists in the sale of the Console Table and in the production of its sliding guides. Our headquarters is in Lainate (MI) and we occupy an area of 5000 square meters from which we export our CONSOLE TABLES MADE IN ITALY all over the world.

Tavoloconsolle.com was founded in 2016 to distribute consoles and extendable tables produced in Italy only and only if equipped with original aluminum guides or frames RAM. The most important component of a console is the guide; the most important component of an extendable table is the aluminum frame. If the guide or frame is sturdy and guaranteed, the console or table will be of high quality. We only sell products guaranteed by the components RAM.